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CGV Blitz, The New Taste -Interesting Theater Movie

Dear Reader And My Blogger Friends,

Recently i have just tried the newest cinema on one of new mall at Surabaya as my friend’s suggestion, it was not belonged to 21’s like the other, but it has its own in Marvell City Surabaya. Interesting! when the first time i entered that place, you can look at the pictures i took below. it was complete! there were 3D, 4D cinemas.

If you need to wait the movie you will watch there are a lot of waiting place to sit, like in front of big screen of soon-movies, side rooms, or enjoying snacks that is exist on tickets purchase.

if you are the movie ticket -saver, you will be disappointed, because the paper that usually thick, you will find it out in thin, like usual when you by something in market, that is the con i think.

but the pros, you will find out motivational quotes on a view walls, like i said this place is interesting! and this place offers Thailand, Japanese, Korean movies as well, so it’s not so hard for you to go to movie rental anymore / waiting to watch Asian movies in DVD. yep like 21 / XXI this place is update!

If it is the time to watch the movie, you will be entering the place like the alley in classic, vintage looks, there are 7 theaters in there. one theater for about 50 seats only, i think that is comfort, if you want to watch movie in a not -a lot of people around but seriously i dislike its seat, because too quick to move back in its position and make us sometime wanna fall backward 😀


The ticket like usual purchase, in usual days it’s around 35.000,00 and in weekend 50.000,00. the cinema sounds is nice, comfy place, new feels-sensation to watch movie,

this is the way to go

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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