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turn mobile photography to be something !

mobile photography has been side hustle job for me for the past a couple of years, when i dreamed about having nice camera but hadn’t afford to buy, i needed to think and think how i could manage to reach the job and made my hobby to be something useful and payable. and when it comes of thinking, “i needed to use something that was already available” in my life and that was of course my phone. sometimes the quality of the camera itself isn’t good for the market moreover when you sell it on the platforms stock photos such as istock, Shutterstock, even Gettyimages, they don’t have a problem actually using a mobile phone to take a photo, but there are certain things for the phone itself, that the photos later to be able to be approved by their teams. and i’ve been thankful enough with “a lightroom app” that could handle so many major things, that at that time i still used my iphone 7, actually it was really good to do a lot of photography things but not quite greet. OMG this app really help me so much! i used the camera and the adjustment tools from the app, entire photos i took for branding, building markets, i only used my phone! so right now you can see there’s no reasons anymore for you, when you are right now in the condition “wanna be a photographer” “need to have this camera this and that” don’ be pessimistic first about that, take action although a little steps. in my case i use my own mobile phone + a lightroom, a little by little you will master more for a photography before using professional cameras. after you try turning this for building markets and selling it online into stock photos that i mentioned above, you will get someday the dream camera you want to, and of course trust yourself you can do more with it.

i will show you the photographs i took recently using only the power of my phone + lightroom (the camera + adjustments), i had really great time played with lots of strawberries to be styled,

i sold a lot of photos, even thousands photos only using my phone at that time, you can check out my portofolios Shutterstock account for more, yo can see just using something available around you and your ideas, creativities and never stop to learn, then you will master it plus to be a pro! this is not only for photography sides but also at every aspects something you want to achieve. well quite long chat here, i hope what i wrote can inspire you all 🙂 that’s the purpose! anyway i made some filters that i use in my previous photos, social medias, and the photos below for examples

film look



Dark Mood


if you are interested with the filters above, it’s a pack 50+ filters for only 8 USD :). just email me first, i will lead you to the payment and the link where you can access those filters of mine and download them. actually i have an Etsy shop for this, but still there’s error in the process within the Etsy. i will be back to write the link of my Etsy here, if it’s already fixed up. key thankyou so much for reading and spending your time to read my post, have a nice day You all, have am great day

Love, Cikita

this week on my youtube channels

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2 responses to “turn mobile photography to be something !”

  1. I love your photo! I mostly only use my phone, I know I need a good photo editor and I have heard from several people recently about Lightroom, I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for all the info!

    • I am glad to know that 🙂 and Thankyou so much for your kind words much appreciate it, definitely give it a try for lightroom, it’s really great app!

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