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i found out my another passion into drawing

learning something new is something i always hold dear to enjoy in my life, i never thought i had the process in my life to love drawing, actually this ability was already in my life for so long even since i was baby from my father who loves to paint in his spare time, well i didn’t recognize it from the start, although i was aware of i did enjoy to sketch something but i never thought it was something to be profession, so in early of this year i kept drawing and drawing, i didn’t know what i would do with it, just enjoy to draw, even i have an interest to make a illustration page on my youtube channel

like i said, it’s another page i love to enjoy, right now i really love to find another new things in life, it’s really good not to feel satisfied with one thing you already mastered it, and keep learning and learning, you will grow into someone better and knowledgeable :).

anyway here are some of my favorites that i drew in the past a couple of days

maybe you see here i drew so many type of cats, i just love and feel happy drawing it, although i did other drawing besides cats and also my illustration pages is all about cats as well, i just have an intention to make that page for fun, and also people happy when watching it, so you can visit it on the link of my youtube i already mentioned it before, and i also open commission if you are all interested to work with me, about anything illustrations or even animations, i am so happy to work with you 🙂 just contact me.

xx cikita

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