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Dear reader and my blogger friends,

October means something to me, besides that is my birth month and usually i challenge myself in this month, as how far i could do it, testing myself with other possibilities, as i am happy to say i am enjoying to do blogging every single day, i have experienced to meet a lot of people all over the world, meeting a lot of friends in here i was so thankful for getting decision on mind to make a blog as my dream, wanna be a successful traveler blogger someday, to hit the world :).

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What i got from the October,

  • some my challenge was accomplished! i challenged myself to read 10 books in this month and i did it, if you wanna know what books i had read over that month, you can go here
  • i had a surprise on the last day of October, i got my first 1000 blogger friends! i dont say that’s my follower or subscriber, but those are my friends! thankyou so much for the love 🙂 i am so blessed to meet you in here!


what’s missing

i couldn’t go traveling with my friends, that had we planned the months before because of another reason :’) but i believe there’s another day i will go with them again!

i wanna share some of my favorite,

  1. i like to drink milk, haha that’s strange perhaps, but i really like it than drinking soda, tea, coffee, and i would prefer when there’s no milk, i choose mineral water. i like something healthy for my body.
  2. i like watching movie, i always curious with movie of the month, and have to look for some cinemas nearby to watch movie i am interested in, so far my favorite movie is interstellar ( i don’t know why i really love this movie, beacuse it looks like really would be happening and mysterious, it looks like the world upside down) until now besides movie-series like Harry Potter!
  3. My favorite Book, and yez! i am a book lovers! i am still counting down the days to get my goodreads challenge goal! i would like to read 100 books this year and i am still getting 70 books in total, probably it will be hard, but it’s a challenge and pleasure to do it. so far Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books are my favorite! she told at her book in reality life and like a lesson definitely adoring her writing!
  4. Perhaps more of you know i have black so much! and that was the another reason i put black on my blog name, almost most of my stuffs in black, until my mother sometimes grumbles at me because i always wear a black cloth.
  5. i love rain! don’t ask me why i like it, i don’t have an explanation, just giving me peace.
  6. Music is my spirit!
  7. evening breeze
  8. cat! they are so cute, i have two cats and wanna have once more! this is my cat by the wayProcessed with VSCO with h6 preset
  9. Pines trees! my recent captures i have found out Processed with VSCO with q3 presetProcessed with VSCO with t3 preset
  10. something classic and vintage stuffs.those some about me and my october, i just wanna share my joy with you in this little piece, once again thankyou for being my friends here i like to interact with you besides sharing writing in here thankyou for all the good things 🙂 i hope you enjoy doing blogging as much as i do!

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Xx, The Black Veil Ones