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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

This time i will talk about Indonesian food, because a lot of my friends in here traveler from different countries, different continents, so i decide to make this post, for helping little bit when you are all visiting my country πŸ™‚

in this post, all of this foods are using peanut flavor as the main condiment. but different tastes, just so you know Indonesian Foods are identically with spicy and using rice as the main course πŸ™‚

and these foods commonly have been in all around Indonesia,

  1. Sate


I still remember when President Obama was asked about what foods he liked when he was visiting my country, this is one of it! in here sate are using chicken, goat, cow, or rabbit meats. it is made with grilled process on coal in the usual process then get lubricated all over it.

2. Siomay


Mainly Siomay comes from west java, but now this kind of food has spread all around Indonesia. mostly it is contained with a little roll of cauliflower, potato, tofu, kind of pentols (i will post it in another time about this kind).

3. Pecel


this food comes from my locality, but each places in Indonesia have it although the taste is not special like in my own place, it is contained with vegetable, rice, that peanut flavor, and kind of extra side dishes like peyek, tempe, tofu and another fried foods.

4. Gado – Gado

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for me this kind of healthy food! because it contains many of vegetables like salad, you can look at the picture above, it’s before the food mixed by its flavor.

5. Rujak

There are two kind of Rujaks, in vegetbale or fruit

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probably when you look at rujak in vegetables, it seems the contain is like gado – gado, but there’s some of it is different and its taste. the condiment of this rujak, peanut flavor is mixed with the special flavor from Indonesia, called “petis” so that the look is like the picture above.

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from all of the foods above, only this doesn’t use peanut flavor. but this uses lump sugar and it’s made jelled then mixed all over the fruits. so the taste is sweet with spicy.

but all of these foods can be offered with how many chilies do you want to as favorite spicy level of the taste on your tongue.

thankyou for reading, i hope you are able to enjoy this post and doesn’t get confused if you are on the trip in my country, i will post the other in another time.

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