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Dear Reader and Blogger Friends, I’m visiting my aunt, she has just taken surgery from a breast cancer, you know that’s one of disease that makes us (female) freaking out or afraid of our life would be short. Remembering I ever had it when i was still in the collage or probably I didn’t realise it when i was still in high school, i was still in luck because i got tumor in tame, I didn’t want to take a medication in modern, especially for surgery because for me that was just an instant and changing one of precious part for my body. Slowly but sure I was just searching the plants which have the benefits for reducing the cancer and looked for the other alternatives and didn’t forget to pray while remained making an effort, stay having spirit of life.

what i said it was true! and it happened to me a few years ago. So grateful a lot of efforts i have been through was paid off! i’am healthy then, so from the moment on i cared about what i wanted to consume, selective to pick out the ingredients of the food, living a life happily, did you remember, what i said to you in my postΒ A Little Things Called Happiness For MeΒ that being happy is easy, don’t look at the others’ happiness, just find it out for yourself ! when you have those the reasons to be happy, so why do you have to be sad? πŸ™‚

it is same like whatever the diseases are, although it worst ever you still have the reason to recover. don’t be afraid of it, because it just a trial from God, you could past the test or not, everyone must have their own problem and we only could deal with it πŸ™‚

i’am here only giving a motivation to you all who have the problem with the lack of spirit in living a life, don’t be a pessimistic, stay spirit!

i like photography! probably among of you my blogger friends have known it. when i was on the way and stopped at the moment i found out something i wanted to take the pictures, i only like it and wanted to place it on this post πŸ™‚

Thankyou for reading,

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Xx, The Black veil One