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This time i want to share my experience when i visited this reservoir, i had just known that this reservoir is the biggest in Southeast Asia, when i did conversation with food seller nearby, she told me about that, so proud to hear that! and i did admitting this reservoir was so wide, to be honest this was my first time to visit this place that actually Tulungagung was not too far from my hometown. it was inaugurated in 2001. If Tulungagung didn’t have it, it would be floods, if you haven’t known yet the history about Tulungagung, it was the wide Marshy swamp. The Ticket to entering this place only 6 thousands and it just for the park.

A lot of stories that i got from the seller except this reservoir is the biggest in Southeast Asia, there were some boats we could use to across the reservoir, because the boatman had to need the permission to ride or control it and to look for the letter of license was so hard, and the creepy thing was the people around it assumed, there were some creatures that living in it, it had the body like snake and characteristic like Piranha so those were the reason the boats were no exist anymore, but it was still myth.

This photo i took from the top of the reservoir gate, it looks so beautiful something within this gate.

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The Entrance to entering the reservoir

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We get to enjoy this coconut that available near reservoir in the sellers nearby

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I had so much fun that day, next day i will show you another tourism place i visited, and still located near this reservoir.

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