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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

Yesterday i visited Tulungagung East java, Indonesia. only all day long, i had given a lot of experiences, i thought i started to love this town! still a lot of natural resources, Tourism places, and so on something beautiful. i will show you what else in the next days one by one :).

Every places i visited, must be visiting the special food of that place, and yesterday my friend suggested this awesome restaurant to try to. and yez i liked it right away. still in an Dutch old building. i heard this place was the house of the doctor probably in that era too when Indonesia was still in under Dutch colonialism. after wasn’t inhabited for so long, this place is used as a restaurant now. probably this place was historical for the others around it, but i hadn’t had a chance more about it.

And these were pictures that i could take

the other side of this place we would find out different room that was looked more modern, like always most of current cafe. you could see the picture above.

The Menu in this place

something i ordered “Singapore Fried Rice” and “lime ice”

although This place was so awesome for me, too bad i had to give a little bad review about the food. my friends and i ordered the same menu but in different tastes. i ordered somethings i captured above and my friends with same menu, seafood and strawberry juice. we had same opinion that the foods we had ordered didn’t taste good and the costs was a little expensive. but i thought, didn’t give that judgement earlier, because we hadn’t known all the food tastes. the serving in this place was nice, all the waiters and waitress wore the same uniforms in batik, so Indonesian.

so this is my ratings

  1. The place is awesome, old buildings but in maintained i give ♥♥♥♥
  2. The taste of the food isn’t like what i had expected when the first time i got hereand a little expensive, that i had tasted from the foods my friends and i ordered ♥♥
  3. For The Serving is good ♥♥♥♥

This Place located at Dr. Sutomo street, No. 102, Tulungaung east java.

Thankyou for reading!  i hope you all enjoy your weekend 🙂

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Xx, The Black Veil One