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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

This time i will continue to write my recipes that i have tried to do, with the main ingredient, that is carrot if you missed out my first post here’s the Link

1. With Salted Fish


  • 2 salted fish
  • 1 carrot
  • small Tomato – a half
  • Sugar – a little
  • salt – as required
  • 1 leek
  • 1 garlic
  • 1 chili as required
  • 5 red unions
  • 1/2 tempe/ anything you want to mix with salted fish. (cut it becomes small shapes)

How To Make it

  • fry the salted fish and not too cooked
  • like always, like first recipes, i still use blender to mix carrot with the other, put carrot, a half tomato, garlic, red union, and chili into the blender.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Then put those into the pan, after all the ingredients a little cooked, put in the salted fish and tempe (or anyting you want to) become one
  • don’t forget to give a little water until all the ingredients mix up with salted fish and wait it until absolutely cooked and there’s no water left.

2. With Chicken

The Ingredients and how to make it are same but don’t forget to add the ketchup into it and other ingredients like Broccoli or other ingredients you want to.

3. With Noodle


  • literally the ingredients are same but in here i put a little vegetables because i like it, ketchup as required, and it’s ok if you don’t insert it.
  • a small bowl of noodle

I use two methods here

  1. boil the noodle at first
  • blend the ingredients become one, tomato, carrot, two young cayenne peppers (colored green), red unions, garlic.
  • After that, mix with the other ingredients
  • Then put those into pan, add a little water, wait until absolutely cooked and there’s no water left
  • serve and mix it with the noodle.

2. Mix with all the ingredients right away.

  • same with the early steps, then put the ingredients until a little cooked then put the noodle as well into the pan.
  • mix it becomes one.


Those are some recipes i have tried, with the main ingredient carrot. i will let you know if there’s another recipe.

i just wanna keep my eyes stay healthy, so i want to eat the carrot often 🙂

and i have just updated my weeklyplaylist on my blog page, that i always update on Saturdays, here

thankyou for reading,

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Xx, The Black veil One