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Dear reader and my blogger friends,

Lately i like doing experiments in cooking with mixing carrot with some ingredients and seasonings. I have to do that to keep eating it more because my work everyday i have to deal with my gadgets screen and I don’t want to use glasses. Actually i dislike eating carrot with it still in its shape. For me it tastes bad, so my way to mix it by using blender in these all recipes. So i make quite a lot recipes and decide to write here in a few.

1. With Egg

Actually almost all my recipes i will write here using it but i think this is as specifically.


  • An egg
  • A leek
  • Flour
  • A carrot
  • A little of sugar
  • salt as required
  • 2 young cayenne peppers (colored green)

How to make it

  • Mix the ingredients become 1, blend it – a carrot, 2 young cayenne peppers to the blender.
  • Mix those become one again with an egg, flour, a cutting leek, a little sugar, 1/4 spoonful of salt.
  • Prepare the pan with a little cooking oil, put in those ingredients, fry it becomes a few then wait a little while.

The ingredients and how to make it, it’s same, but it’s added with tofu.

Only with the white of an egg.

(If you make a cake / you are a beaker, don’t throw the white part. Because it can be used. The ingredients almost the same with above, but it’s added by

  • 4 red unions
  • White egg
  • Chili, as required
  • A garlic

How to make itย 

  • Blend the ingredients, a carrot, 4 red unions, a garlic.
  • Mix those all become one
  • Prepare the pan with a little cooking oil, put in all the ingredients. Until cooked
  • The result, the texture like the seasoning of noodle.
  • Serve it with rice

2. Make a juiceย 

Of course this is familiar, using sweet carrot, mixing it with milk

Seriously tasted nice!

I think that’s all for today i will share some more tomorrow

Thankyou for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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