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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

Last week after I visited Orchid Village, i tried climbing mountain for a while but of course following the path, not like the one climber who used to *giggling. unfortunately the access to go to the interested one in this month still under construction after eruption in 2014, so was  not too tired. there used to a lift to go up to the month and some interesting facilities. The plants around the month began growing after the last time i went to. the cost to entering this place was 10 thousand, still cheap to see the beautifulness of the nature. you could also ride a motor or car cross with hiring it. i suggest you if you wanted to ride it, just had a team into the car because if only you it cost expensive, 150 thousands in three rounds. if you wanted to have access to go up and not with your own vehicle, you could ride the one that had been prepared but you had to wait until full of passenger. So far this had a lot step-up, there had pineapple garden and you could pick by your own. I heard there would be strawberry as well but still on preparation. Mini-theater for watching history of Month Kelud.

here were some pictures i could take,

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