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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

last weekend i went to one of new destination at Kediri Indonesia Called Kampung Anggrek (Orchid Village), located at near Month Kelud, so happy i found out a lot of flowers there, the name was orchid, because this was the place to cultivate that kind of Orchids. But after i arrived there, not only orchid but also a lot kind of flowers, you can look at the picture i took below.

In this place not only you could see the beautiful orchids but also you could buy it, there were a lot of seeds of flowers and fruits as well. laboratory to observe the flower, green house, A,B and C, one of them to take care of orchids that would be produced to be sold again, rest areas, a view animals to look at like rabbits, and sheep.

Most people said, this is one of expensive orchid

The ticket itself to entering this place only 4 thousands

there are kind of rabbits   the big doll of king-kong, being the center of attention to taking a picture, made of a lot of corns. placed in the middle of pineapple garden.Rest Area, some of gazebos to take a rest if you want to enjoying the view  

Some seeds of fruits and flowers, being ready to be sold

because this is one of the new destination to visit, so still a lot of development here, probably if you will visit this place a view months ahead you will find out what’s new in this one. if you go to Month Kelud, don’t forget to visit this place, because this is not too far from it and the ticket to access is so cheap. what i like when i went to this place i could improve one of my hobby in photography πŸ˜€

Thankyou for reading πŸ™‚

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