Butter and Bean

Dear Reader and my Blogger Friends,

I will take you to one of the new restaurant that is still in Marvell City Surabaya, that’s called Butter and Bear, the place is quite classy, i like the chairs, as if an old one and painted to be new, and the room like Europe style. i went to get here at night, probably when we went there at noon the place would be more shiny. Here are the rooms and the things surround it so far that i could take with my camera,

But unfortunately the food in here for me just too expensive but i don’t know if you mind with my opinion, and these are the lists the foods beverages and prices so far,

for your information, when the first time you go to get here, so you don’t get startled, there are service charge 5% and sales tax 10% added on your bill, so don’t be shy to use your service like taking pictures all you want and don’t be embarrassed to ask the waiter or waitress to take your photo with your friends and other services like charging while you lingering on having convos with your friends.

so my ratings fro this place, like always i give my rates in 1-5

  1. The place is elegant i give ♥♥♥♥
  2. The taste of the food is goodly enough that i had tasted from the foods i ordered ♥♥♥
  3. For The Serving is good ♥♥♥♥

for the information of the place where this one at the location still around Marvell City Surabaya on the Third floor

Thankyou for reading, i hope i have given you enough information 🙂

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Xx, The Black Veil One

13 responses to “Butter and Bean”

  1. I can’t tell how expensive it is because it’s in a different currency…but it looks expensive!!
    I’m glad you liked it though, judging by your rating!

  2. Hahaha I like your honesty. I would definitely take advantage and ask the waitress to take pictures of me eating the food if I was paying that much 😂😂🙈
    The place looks so cute and cosy, loved the interior decor! X

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