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 Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

If You are studying around this village don’t forget to go coming here, yesterday i went around here, enjoying my past when i studied in this village, usually after having a lesson at class me and my friends went around here to eat and enjoyed our togetherness, you know the situation in here really got us in a peacefulness, surrounded by rice fields that have the evergreen. Walking together or using our rent bicycle.

There is one of eating place we used to visit it’s called ‘Lesehan Bu Tin’ . They serve sort of rice mixing, with tofu, chicken in fried or grilled, Tempe, etc in very cheap prices just around 5 until 15 thousands. yep it’s quite in friendly prices for the students. the place is so nice we can eat in/out side but i suggest you better prefer getting outside, because it face the rice field with all its greens and under the tree.

If you wanna find out this place, yep usually the new one it’s not too familiar, because the place is in inside from the crowd, at first you have to know BECC that usually people knows, then from that street you can just keep going straight until you find out a small alley then go straight again until you find out two junction, go straight again and find out three junction, then turn right and keep straight a little, then you can find out that place.

Thankyou For Reading 🙂


Xx, The Black Veil One