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Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

Sometimes feeling so boring when your weekend is just go away without doing nothing. And here i make some lists interesting to do if i had that, usually when the weekend comes, we always think, where else i have to go? Moreover when you are on the bad condition with ‘no money’ . Pst : These are based on my true events πŸ™‚

And here they are, you can choose some of you want to do and these are usually i do as well

1. Watching Movie

So, just go to movie rentals/ watching online through youtube/ access some websites which give you some movies online it will help you and spend some your time off interesting, moreover watching serials tv in its parts, i bet your time will be end interesting.

2. Reading a book

I bet, when you are a nerd,  as i am you don’t have an issue with that such a thing, because you must choose the book at first place and would make your all day with the book you loved, but when you are not, you must think twice or more, but just try to look at it with looking for the book which interests you and read it probably it will change your mind.

3. Listening to The Music


Who doesn’t like this thing? Yup I couldn’t agree more when it comes about it, this thing can increase your moods whatever feelings. Just look for some songs or look into sportify, usually there are some songs that differentiate in moods, just try that!

4. Trying Cooking Recipes 

I think, this is one of alternative, when you get the recipes and you made it, you will have the satisfaction for doing it, or you make your own recipe just like i was, before writing this blog, i have just tried the one i watched on the tv. I called it fried eggplant πŸ™‚ guess what,  the taste is like french fries!

5. Trying to Write Useful Things On Your Soscmed

When You have a blog, you must know where you will transfer your thought, that’s the place! When you write something, and your writing can get interest to the people who read it, it must have the satisfaction then it will bright your day, trust me :). Or when you don’t you can write it on your status updates on other sosmed you had.

6. Making DIY

You can watch it on some websites or in magazines about this thing, or you have your own innovation to make, so just do it! Like i have ever done before and posted here. When you missed it out this is the Link πŸ™‚

7. Playing A Game

Ok, when you are a gamers, it must be not so hard to find out what you will wanna do when you have a such thing,  i admit when this thing can change you into forgetting about time, when you really enjoy it. My current favorite is two dots, i know the hits game is pokemon go (yep you can play along while take a walk with it).

8. Gathering With Your Friends

This is one of my favorite by the way, Having a lot of friends especially your true friends are kind of everything. Whatever the reason gathering with them and then find out some interesting place to talk about, it will made your day! Or yep when just hanging out into your friend house is the other options, so say no to bad day, confusing about your weekend.

9. Playing With Your Pet

When you have a pet, it must be this thing can make you having fun when you spend it just at home, with their funny acts around you as i do πŸ™‚

10. Enjoying Every Moments With Your Family at Home

I believe that weekend is not about going somewhere, and it’s just how you make your free day to be filled and not go away. Don’t confusing about it, when you are together with your family just at home, it feels the same, moreover when the people on your family is a busy ones then so hard to meet each other although being in the same place. So just stay at home and anjoy the moments with them.

Those are my ways to spend my weekend when no place to go, how about you? πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading, i hope your days be brighter 

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Xx, The Black Veil One