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Dear Reader And Blogger Friends,

Anyway I haven’t said “Happy Ied Mubarak to All my moslem friends” I hope we become a better person than before and its like we are born back :). Of course like a tradition we must be having the new outfits to wear. And current fav outfit for me is this! Button down plaid and still seems like a dress. Actually this style can be paired with shirt inside by opening up all the buttons but this time i chose just usul wear.

Anyway Plaid by Logo Jeans.

Along the way for my recent trip, i got many beautiful nature pictures. 

What i liked the most of the photos i took yesterday were The Deciduous. Totally adorable to be captured. More about it you could catch my latest post Deciduous .

Thankyou for reading, happy monday 🙂

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Xx, The Black Veil One