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Tomorrow I’m about to go to my other relatives that far away from my hometow. I only have a day there. I go with own car, that i bring a little big, many things. So it’s on my bag,

  1. Magazine
  2. Tongsis
  3. Veil
  4. Camera DSLR
  5. Make-up pouch with the contents 
  6. Cables + medicines pouch with the contents 
  7. Hand sanitizer 
  8. Wallet
  9. iPhone, blackberry, iPad 
  10. Note book

Inside the bag I separate little things into some pouches for the ease. 

first pouch, filled by some cables and medicines ( just in case )


Thirdly, my second pouch, filled by my simple make-up essential. I admit it, a simple one so the important thing is how i have to look fresh all day. Only handbody, lipstick and deodorant, those are my must-used items.

  Those are what’s on my short-trip bag this time. I’m ready to go!

So happy weekend!

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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