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I can’t believe this is the last day of Ramadhan, and i hear again this all night long’s Taqbir, seriously I’m sad. It’s not about i show off or anything bad but honestly my fear is i have to deal with some of my relatives that always asking about my personal I don’t want to talk about tomorrow. Sorry a lil bit sharing my issue, i just think why is Ramadhan not everyday? It feels I want to cry harder.

Talking about this night, i have just seen the children around it surrounded the road with torch up in their hand. It made Ramadhan in this year felt Hilarious than before. I hope this will keep going not just this.

My hope, Alloh may my prayers along This Holly Month will be revealed soon. I’m fighting for my dreams that i have been asking for You :’) and the last but not the least i will get the chance to meet this holly month better and still with my lovely family and other (probably the new one) 🙂

Happy Eid Al Fitr 1437 H

To All My Moslem Friends Around The World who celebrate it

Our Winning day after we fought for a month.

And i hope all of you doesn’t have any issue as i am and happy go saking hands, receiving the apologies from everyone.

The Delicious meals have been set up on the table 😀

Xx, The Black Veil One