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Dear Reader Friends

Have a good Sunday ! today i will take you to the event of on one of art in my country, especially this i refer to my town. a few weeks ago i have been invited with my dad in one of his event called ” Diaspora Panji Nusantara ” this was one of event to celebrate my town’s anniversary, exactly Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.


This was held in 2 days, Day 1 was like contest in painting which was followed by a few of delegation high school students of their school and The last day announcement of the champion and there were some shows as well like drama.

back to that day my eyes lingered on the doll, but this was not just a doll, this was like one of identity of my country was name Wayang, seriously this was rarely found out in my own country currently. and that time i could play it like a child. it was so cute. and so amazing there was still the one who made this awesome nearest around.


there have been some paintings which have been already exist and photographs by one of famous photographer here


The look : Plaid Shirt ( Logo jeans ), black phants ( cardial ), watch (Daniel Wellington), shoes ( Converse) the rest by Local Brands.


i will explore more from my country as could and a lot as possible 🙂

The Black Veil One Xx

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