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The day here refers to Romadhon, yez like always there r some routines before it. Early morning I visited my relatives’ cemetery to send prayers just to the one and only God to give them the eases there. The location near from my grandma’s house so when on the way there like hunting one of particular culinary and favorite delicious for me was “Pecel”. But i was not on the lucky cause had already sould out and i had to look for another but the taste was not as delicious as the one i used to buy.

But never mind just cured my longing for it.

Back to my Grandma’s, her house just full of her flowers around moreover Orchids were growing well and beautiful!

My Grandma’s house is like secret garden!

Anyway i like my sundress for this day the colorful print on my Batik

Note : sandals is not less from your style though! Just set my toes free!

The look: Batik Sundress (designed by my own), Cardigan, veil, sansals, matting bag// all by local brands.

Before couldn’t eat as i like, i looked for my fav meal

Eating one of my fav ice cream and just hoping to be one of the lucky one. Selena! I hope i could come to your concert

Fight for the first day! And be success for one and a half months ahead in fasting and through the holy Romadhon My message for you all who will be going through it xx

Just hope you all to be stronger! Take the message and just ignore the picture behind!

Listening to my fav album by Alessia Cara, truly inspired! Especially the wild things, it was like what i had been talking about with my aunt that day, and someday I will show that the pace and step i took rightnow is the right one :). Thanks for making this awesome song Alessia!

And the last but not the least

Hii greeting from my cuty cat that was sleeping on my nightstand xx

Happy fasting to you all who does it!

– The black veil one Xx