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I’ve just made my own clothes then left it up to Tailor that’s my current passion, to be fashion designer 🙂

Actually i love more-in-one clothes i mean the clothes which can be worn with many different styles and looks. And you know i like plaid shirt! Which was why i chose that printing.

And here they are …

How i put my new tops on

At first i like this because so easy to be mixed and matched i made it like crop top, botton down, tank top.

Top : button down jeans, cardigan,

Down : Black pencil trousers, long skirt, baggy pants// black and grey veils// black high converse, sandals

And this for another, i made it like crop at the front but long at the back

And these some mixes

Top and down are same only I added sweatshirt vest and low brown converse except button down jeans

And literally i like wearing small bag when hangout

So these are my style, what’s yours? 🙂