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The Look : sweater crop top, long sleeve shirt, jeans trousers, usual bag – all from local brands, my fav converse brown sneakers, Bracelet from Hermes.

“Not always waiting is boring”

That was my point for this morning, when you fill in the time properly and find out appropriate place to wait for That’s not a problem anymore it looked beautiful friday although at noon got the rain regularly. I didn’t plan on following my parents went to their workplace, cz friday was the day where had a short time to work. So i just waited, than at home i did nothing. Fortunately dad’s place was not far from Mc Donald, book store and many kinds of malls so I killed my time walked alone and just headed for MacD blogging and reviewing my latest novel i read the fill-in boyfriend and now you can get it in my goodreads – cikita 🙂 while enjoyed my breakfast.

It was filled properly, and enjoyed my playlist on sportify listened to oldies but was not too old like Parachute, Vault, Noah and The Whale,

and ok happy weekend y’all! 🙂