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Missing this place already this beach is so beautiful, clean, and peaceful. Here it is pulau merah or probably western called it the red island

Anyway why it’s called by red ? When the water of the beach reaching the ebb tide, the visitors can visit it with walking and enjoying the uniqueness of that small mountain which is in the middle of the beach and the sand has colored in red, it’s why … When reaching the ebb tide it looks like that.

We can enjoy the surfing here anyway. For all of you when you like surfing this beach can be the right choice, i looked around the surfers seem to enjoying the action

While enjoying the beauty of this place we can rent few of these tents

For the lovers of getting tan as you enjoying the nice view in front of you.

The side of this beach has a lot of trees around it.

When you visit Banyuwangi, Indonesia don’t forget to come here 🙂