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A few months ago i was here, and actually i had had been planning on to get here since i knew from instagram, i always loved classic-etnic style but still tend to feel modern yup in here they called “Kuno-Kini cafe” I’d love they gave that name as like the content of this cafe. The first before i reached there i got lost, cz i was wrong to read the Googlemap. And a few days i had just found it the place wasn’t outside the street but still inside the wide yard. Yup that’s why probably when you the first ever to come here you would get the same 😀 as you know when you reach Senior High School II Kediri you have to slow down on your way cz it almost the place.

From the prices of the food, snack, and drink all still student pocket so don’t worry about it. As i enjoyed my food i l looked around it and lingered on all over the stalls, walls and things.

As I lingered on here i could sense  the oldies songs here, absolutely this place is nice and will give you the peacefulness

So go get your another weekend here and be aware on friday cz this place is not available and just started around 2pm till midnight!