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Last sunday i got a chance visited one of animals shelter, safari park II exactly at Prigen east java. You can enjoy the view of the nature and some animals they had. Believe it or not with seeing their cute actions can give you pleasure and release the stress out maybe from work or your another daily routine.  You can see them behind the mirror of your car cz they walk around freely no matter it tame or wild.

Besides the cute animals action you can catch or capture with your camera you can also find out the beauty nature around. It had been organized and designed just like their actual habitats.

After opening your eyes up and lingering on those. You can find out game spots but mostly for kids and never mind when you participate ho. There are also each animals shows in certain time. I like the most to go here, many quirky spots you can use taking a picture!


I had been here all day long but it was worth! When you take a look at the price of entrance 😊