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You know that thing is right addressed to me, i have alwys been dreaming of traveling more afar than i have could reached, and it makes me tend to less connection and knowledge from culture, history around me. Yep you have to get to know that thing near you at first than no matter how far you could reach the distance then… And i hv just thought “why am i so dumb?”

First about this fruit, pardon me at first I didn’t know what it’s name, i have been so long lived here in kediri, and this fruit was like history from one of old kingdom in indonesia and to be a symbol “majapahit” – maja and pahit ( maja-bitter) when you eat it up you must know the taste like why it had that name. So sounds embarrassing right? I hv just known it And the shape !

And this morning i had a chance to get to know one of religion ceremony and knowledge is important yep!

Those temple have to stand strong till now let the youngest can still experience them then!

Every visiting, every i go somewhere I can’t push away the style from what i have to wear, i like exploring the clothes i had and mixing and matching it and there i was! I like plaid and jeans anyway 🙂