hiii there

someone who have read this,

Just ignore my silly face on this post he.. And pardon me to introduce my self the new beginner blogger who someday will be success ameen 🙂 who doesn’t wanna be like that huh?

i thank to you have payed attention a lil bit

Yey first of all, and yez this my first post ever…! I’m starting writing to this blog, i hope this will keep goin and contagious to write something useful, and i will remember for today April 9th, is my beginning to the day, i just wanna inspire about fashion in my view, interesting book that maybe you want to read original book that haven’t available or been translated into bahasa, and you don’t have a time to read it, i just wanna give my opinion and a little narrates maybe some of you someday you wanna read it. traveling – yup this actually my favorite from whole of my hobbies, interesting place, culinary i had ever come over. Fashion in style – I like mixing and matching my clothes i had, sometimes i find out my old clotch still be worth to wear and i like designing my own clotch lately, yep someday i hope i will be fashion designer 🙂 p.s that’s my deep down actual dream*. Oh yez i have my own perspective about anything since i like reeding too much and being addicted like now on, so i start thinking why I don’t pour it into a writing? That was starting everything, and truth to be told I don’t want to read something that’s not somethings in English. Wait…. this not about me being arrogant and not loving my own language, i only don’t want this what i had to learn went away, and about my own language it’s always im using it everyday with the people i know and meet 🙂 that’s my explanation, why i always post something in my whole sosmed using english. and this blog containing other posts interesting in my own sight and worth to be posted 🙂 and i hope i will have and get many friends from here and sharing something interesting and good posts to you.

thanks and let’s be friend 🙂